Shadow Box - Star Wars Return of the Jedi - Genuine Production Sarlacc Piece


Shipping to United States: $27.26

This beautiful shadow box contains a piece of genuine production used Sarlacc from Star Wars IV Return of the Jedi '1983'.

We obtained this by going to the actual filming location in the desert and getting pieces of Sarlacc ourselves, placing out clapper board in position of the desert for proof as you can see in with the photos. We also include to the rear of the display our Movie Reliquary COA. Our Movie Reliquary team member William DeMolee who is a film location expert obtained these pieces in early 2019 for use in the displays.

Introduction special offer price, we are very limited on the pieces of Sarlacc at this size.

The piece you receive will vary in size/colour/shape, the shadow box display size is 8" x 8"

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