Mini Prop Pod Display - Stackable Blank Prop Storage Set


Introducing our new stackable prop pod displays, these prop pods are made to stack one on top of each other and secure into position.

This kit comprises of the following

- Top prop pod clear acrylic cover
- Black acrylic title block with one side having our etched "The Movie Reliquary" logo and three sides blank
- Base Section with Feet which secures into the title block

You can then stack just the clear sections on top of each other, or include the black title block on each. See pictures we have put in this advert of examples. Just insert your own print to the rear and front title graphics

Internal measurements for prop in clear cover area

- 113mm in width
- 113mm in depth
- 120mm in height

The title surface area for text is 113mm x 22mm

The overall box is 125mm (w) x 125mm (d) x 150mm (h)

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