About The Movie Reliquary

The Movie Reliquary is a small passionate company based in the South west of England focused on acquiring, presenting and selling affordable and beautiful displays containing genuine props, swatches and relics from the greatest TV shows and films of all time.

The Movie Reliquary was the brainchild of long time movie geek, professional modelmaker/visual effects engineer and product designer Ben Jarvis. Having been continuously frustrated by the lack of affordable props and small items from the films he loved he decided to begin buying up large lots of smaller props such as bank notes, coins, bullets and costume swatches in 2016 with the aim of splitting these down into individual framed item that he could sell on to other collectors like him.​

Ben designed a unique framing system for small prop items using laser-cut acrylic sheets and high quality steel fixings which he has now applied to dozens of different items that are now sold through The Movie Reliquary Etsy store and Facebook store.​In addition to small items from many films available in our custom displays, the Movie Reliquary also sources and sells large and more valuable props and is now offering a custom display/frame-making service to fellow collectors.

Ben passed on the reins of The Movie Reliquary to Matthew Doe in December 2018, Matthew is a specialist and renowned in Doctor Who props and owns established prop company TBT Props / Toy Box Treasures, he is also director of Who Dares Publishing LTD with celebrity artist Andrew Skilleter.  The Movie Reliquary now based in the South West of England, in Cornwall is a family run company and everything still made in house by hand.

Authenticity and Provenance of our Props:
At the Movie Reliquary we pride ourselves in ensuring the complete authenticity of every item we sell and we only acquire props, costume and set pieces from the very best and most trusted sources in the prop collecting world. Most of our items come from one of the large prop/movie auction houses in the UK or the USA and a few come from trusted private collectors.We provide a signed certificate of authenticity with every prop we sell AND we also include, wherever possible, a copy of the certificate we obtained from the source of the original item so that you, the customer, have as much provenance as to the origin of your item as we can provide.If you have any queries about the origin of any item please e-mail or message us and we will always be happy to provide all the details we have about where the item came from and how we obtained it.

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